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Tazio Nuvolari
Vanderbilt Cup 1936
Marco Pantani
Vittoria al Tour de France 1998
Primo Carnera
Campione Mondiale Pesi Massimi 1933-34
Ondina Valla
Olimpionica 80 metri ostacoli a Berlino 1936
Enrico Fabris
Olimpionico 2006
Valentina Vezzali
Olimpionica individuale 2000, 2004, 2008

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Book Announcements January 2016

Quarterly, H-Sport publishes a list of newly released books on Sport Studies which members have submitted to H-Sport. If you would like to announce the publication of your new book, please submit the following information to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.: the author's name, the title of the book, the press, the month it appeared in print, and a link to the publisher/book's site (optional).
Please note that the Book Announcements are not restricted to publications in English. We accept academic works in any language.

All H-Sport Book Announcements can be viewed at https://networks.h-net.org/node/2622/pages/35360/book-announcements. There is also a permanent link to the Book Announcements from the main H-Sport page: https://networks.h-net.org/h-sport.

Allen, Dean. Empire, war and cricket in South Africa. Penguin South Africa (Zebra Press), October 2015. www.deanallen.co.za

Anderson, Ryan K. Frank Merriwell and the Fiction of All-American Boyhood: The Progressive Era Creation of the Schoolboy Sports Story. University of Arkansas Press, November 2015. http://www.uapress.com/dd-product/frank-merriwell-and-the-fiction-of-all-american-boyhood/

Bouchier, Nancy B. and Cruikshank, Ken. The People and the Bay – A Social and Environmental History of Hamilton Harbour. UBC Press, January 2016.http://www.ubcpress.ca/search/title_book.asp?BookID=299175028

Collins, Tony. The Oval World: A Global History of Rugby. Bloomsbury, September 2015 (hardback). http://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/the-oval-world-9781408843703/

Eiben, Jörn. Das Subjekt des Fußballs. Eine Geschichte bewegter Körper im Kaiserreich. Transcript, December 2015. http://www.transcript-verlag.de/978-3-8376-3237-8/das-subjekt-des-fussballs

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Guy, Shlomit. Good Lads Play Football. JMD Media Ltd, October 2015. http://www.amazon.com/Good-Lads-Play-Football-Shlomit/dp/1780915314/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=...

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Melo, Victor; Peres, Fabio; Drumond, Maurício; e Karls, Cleber. História(s) do Sport: uma estratégia de difusão científica. 7 Letras, novembro de 2015.http://www.7letras.com.br/colecao-visao-de-campo.html 

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