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2016 Innovation Awards

2016 European Athletics Innovation Awards.

Per i  creativi, alla ricerca di innovazione.

Ecco l'annuncio e le le modalità di partecipazione.

To encourage research, study and new ideas leading to the development of the sport of athletics, European Athletics hereby invites entries for the 2016 European Athletics Innovation
The competition is open to individuals or teams of scientists, academics, students, coaches, event organisers and others from European countries who wish to share their original work for the benefit of the sport.
Entries will be judged under the following categories:
1. Coaching – it is anticipated that entries in this category will describe projects intended to improve the work of coaches and the performance of athletes, including but not limited to advancements in physiology, biomechanics, sport psychology, sport medicine and training theory.
2. Technology – it is anticipated that entries in this category will describe the development and testing of practical devices, systems or techniques that apply scientific knowledge in order to solve an athletics-related problem or otherwise improve some aspect of athletics.
3. Promotion – it is anticipated that entries in this category will describe projects intended to increase the number of people active in any or all aspects of athletics – particularly among the target groups of women and youths – including but not limited to
advancements in organisation, marketing, sociology and education.
4. Sustainability – it is anticipated that entries in this category will describe projects designed to reduce the environmental impact and increase the sustainability of athletics events or other activities related to athletics.
5. Open – it is anticipated that entries in this category will describe projects with the overall aim of benefiting athletics that do not fit into any of the categories listed above.
Assessment and Prizes
The entries will be assessed by a jury of experts on the basis of their quality and relevance to athletics.
A cash prize of CHF 2,000 will be awarded to the entry judged the best of each category.
Provided they meet the minimum quality standard set by the jury, the category winners will advance to the final round, from which an overall winner will be selected. The criteria for selection of the overall winner will be “importance to the development of athletics.”
An additional cash prize of CHF 10,000 will be awarded for the winning project.
The individual author or the team leader of the winning project and an accompanying
person will be invited to attend the Award Ceremony in Funchal, Portugal in October 2016 at European Athletics’ expense.
Entry Requirements and Format
Entries do not need to have been previously published. However, if the work covered has already been published the date of publication must be after 1 January 2016.
Entries must be electronic manuscripts in English of up to 15 A4 pages (11pt font, single line spaced), not including the cover page, in pdf format. Entries should include the following information:
 Introduction containing: the aim, objectives and relevance of the project to the
development of athletics
 Methods
 Findings or results
 Discussion
 Conclusion
 Recommendations
The title of the project should appear on the cover page and on each page of the
manuscript but there should be no identification of the author(s).
Please note that the submission of a photocopied article or paper in a format other than that described above will be considered incomplete and will not be judged.
Tables, figures and bibliography may be included as separate file appendices to the entry.
Scientific papers or copies of published articles may be submitted as separate file
appendices to the entry.
Additional Requirements
Entries must be accompanied by separate files containing the following:
 A signed guarantee that the paper is prepared solely by the named author(s)
 A signed statement that European Athletics has the right to publish the entry in part or in whole
Submission of Entries
Entries must be submitted online by clicking
before 3 June 2016
Enquiries may be sent to Marc Sintes at Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo..
Additional information, including past winners is available on www.european-athletics.org.
All participants will be notified by email of the projects receiving awards. Results and other information will be posted on the European Athletics website.
Please note that the decisions of the expert judges and the European Athletics appointed jury will be final.
February 2016